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AIMBOT : sometime shoot sky, but it's working      9 Stars

ESP : i love this, i set filter Bitcoin,Roler,Goldchain or just a quest item :D. 10 Stars

SPEED HACK : very nice, make me sonic  999999 Stars

FAST SPRINT : well i don't used this ? Stars

UNLIMITED STAMINA : it's good but if i jump staminas are gone 8 Stars

TELEPORT : hard to use for me :( ? Stars

TELEPORT ITEMS TO ME : i can't take items if i click this items on air :(  6 Stars



can you add aimhack FoV line?


like this





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Teleport to aim just teleports you to where you are aiming at, it's pretty easy to use but you should bind it to a key.
Item teleport is listed that it only works offline anyway.

Thanks for the review! If you have suggestions you can add them here: https://chods-cheats.com/bugtracker/user-suggestions/

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