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Hi chods. Totally new to chod and cheating overall in EFT.


So, i got an level 52 account that i really dont wanna risk. But the last patch really pushed me to wanna start cheating.

Can i buy a new std account and then just use the chods on that? Would my old account be in any risk by doing that?

Can i switch between them as i want and just be in risk with acc nr2?


Sorry for the maybe stupid questions, after all, im just a newbie here. Thanks

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1 minute ago, Sellier said:

It's not HWID 90% sure because  I have 4 different EFT accounts and before I came to Chod's I was banned from other supporters 4 times in 3 month and still using same computer and I'm not ban for over 7 months.


Thanks for clearing that up! 

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