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Escape From Tarkov Cheat Review By New User.


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Hello, my Alias is Corrupted and I have just recently purchased this client the past week for the game "Escape From Tarkov"

I've never left a formal review prior so excuse me if it is not formatted properly. 


I had figured while the client is down due to updates it was an opportune time to leave a genuine review of my experience with this client thus far, and note what I have noticed up to this point.


I'll start with thanking the staff for their continued work each update to ensure our security, it does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated!

It baffles me how many people are ignorant to the fact you're putting their safety first and bark at the service you provide with negativity. 

The review I will be posting will be on a 1:10 scale, One being the worst i've ever experienced with 10 being the best i've ever laid eyes on.


GUI- 10/10

No Recoil- 10/10

No Sway- 10/10
Aimbot- 7/10
ESP- 9.5/10

Radar- 10/10


GUI -  I really enjoy the simplicity and customizability of this interface, it is very easy to switch between any option you're looking for.

  Everything is clearly labeled and the custom color schemes are great.


No Recoil - Does exactly what is stated, removes your recoil! I find this turns any obnoxious weapon into a viable option instantly. 

No Sway - You guessed it, removes all weapon sway / breathing. Who needs high Ergonomics builds, psssht. Just remove the weapon sway entirely!

( ADS point shooting is still better with High Ergonimcs, that was my attempt at a joke )


Aimbot - Very effective 95% of the time, the other 5% were irritating enough to influence my decision of giving this feature a 7.
You can hotkey each of these features to a button individually or have them all on at once, all with a simple right click.

On occasion, the aimbot will be off target and you will have to either reload the config or change hitbox zoning to get it to correct.  


Always-Day(?) - I've absolutely loved this feature, entirely changes Interchange / Shoreline / Customs runs 100%


ESP - Feature works flawlessly, the only thing left desired is loot.configs we can save and preset.


Radar- Works exactly as described, gives you a 360' radar that you can place in a spot of your choosing. 



All in all, I am beyond impressed with this client and it's available features as well as the support and concern for the safety of it's users provided! I will continue to purchase monthly subscriptions and advocate the use to others who are interested. Thanks for the ability to be obnoxious online, what ever would I do without that.. 



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