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100% Short, Sweet, and Honest EFT Cheat Review


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Hi Everyone, 

Here is my 100% Honest/Short and Cute review of Chod's EFT Cheat.


The menu is very easy to use. The loader is very smartly made, if your game exe gets bugged, it will detected it and give u a warning about it, so u dont get banned. This is a huge plus !

Now the esp, it is very good. 
The aimbot does exactly what it's suppose to do, it aims at the selected target that you choose in the menu, and it responds quickly. 

Let me give a score. 1 is bad and 10 is superb.
1. Esp (9/10) 
2. Aimbot (10/10)

When you read my text about everything, that is what i based my score on. 
I've been an online game cheater for more then 5 years, so i do have the experience to make an honest review. I do highly recommend the hack and this amazing website. 
Hope you enjoyed reading !

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