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I want to start off by saying this review comes from several hours playing, so take it for what it is. I don't have as much experience with this cheese as I do others. So this testimonial is from a noobs perspective. Now that we got that out of the way! 


Purchasing the cheese was straight forward, click, buy, done. Instant access. No long clicking, no hoops to jump through. Just straight forward. I appreciate that. The price wasn't too bad either. Some other providers only offer EFT with larger packages that are almost 3 times as expensive. So being able to directly buy the one I want at a reasonable price was perfect. Once purchased, the community here is fairly good about helping you get up and running. As with all communities there are those less than savory people who just like to throw gas on the flames, but for the most part everyone was willing to throw in their two cents in getting it up and running and getting good settings. 





Does what it says it does right out of the box. No elaborate setup, no extra things to download, extra windows environments etc. Just download, load, and go. The interface is neat and straight forward. Everything you could want to tweak is presented to you in the main panel and not hidden behind loads of drop down menus or long console commands. This make navigating to the appropriate settings a breeze. 


  • Loot ESP: The cheese, as mentioned above, works right out of the box. However, you will need to adjust some of your settings. Default loot ESP, especially on a loot heavy map, can overload the screen making it difficult to do anything. So turning things off, or lowering the range is a must before you even load into a match. The ESP does have an issue with weapon parts. I have yet to be able to turn them off just from the main menu. Again, I may have missed something being newer to this cheese, but I digress. The one thing I do not like is the line drawn to some items. I feel it gets in the way and clutters the screen. 


  • Player ESP: This is the meat and potatoes of the cheese. Being able to see where the other players are and get yourself in a better position to win the fight. The cheese displays a skeleton so you can see if they are prone, crouched, or leaning which is very nice. The only issue I had with the skeleton is sometimes, depending on your orientation to them and vise versa, it can be hard to read. The bones overlap and you aren't sure which way they are facing for a little bit. There is a lot of data given in the player ESP such as health, weapon, and pocket contents. While nice, it does add to the clutter (for me anyway) so I am slowly turning settings off to get it to a level I like. Everyone is different so your mileage may vary.


LOOT/PLAYER ESP RATING: 9/10 - A point was removed for the clutter that can happen in heavy loot filled maps and the lines that are sometimes drawn to the loot


  • Aimbot: Now, as I mentioned I have used other providers before and I feel that the aimbot here leaves a little to be desired. Don't get me wrong, when it works it works! But there is so much tweaking that needs to go into it to have a semi-functioning aimbot that it can be very frustrating. I know Chod has addressed the issue with the aimbot being "off" but for me I feel that sometimes I had to fight AGAINST the aimbot to get the shots. Other times I have one tapped players. Overall it is very inconsistent. Perhaps with more tweaking, and more playing I can get it to where it is suitable for me, but I would rather be playing than tweaking settings every 20 minutes. I have since turned the aimbot off and have been using no recoil, and no spread and I have been doing much better than fighting with the aimbot. 


AIMBOT RATING: 7/10 - I don't want to have to fight against the thing that's supposed to help me.



There are a few things not directly cheese related That I would like to touch on that I think really make this provider stand out above the others


  • Community Support: The community is really good about lending a helping hand. Sometimes though their good nature is stretched thin when the same question is asked 400 times in the shout box but I can't really hold that against anyone. Everyone seems keen to help you get the most out of your experience. Rather than a group of toxic individuals there is actually a spirit of community and it really shows. 


  • Provider Support: The mods are around to lend a helping and and guide users in the right direction, as they should be. That is a major plus! Also, the provider itself has our best interest at heart. During my short time with the cheese there has been downtime due to security with the cheese. When this happens, it goes offline until they can sort it out. Now, some people get upset because they are paying for a service that they are unable to use. The provider has addressed this issue by comping the time back so really you aren't out anything when its down. This is the only place I have found that has done that. And that's what makes Chod's stand out in my mind. Not only do they comp you for lost time, but the fact that the cheese goes down to begin with. If there is any little hiccup that could lead to users being banned the cheese shuts itself down to protect the player. Other providers would keep it up and let you get banned. Why should they care? They already have your money. Chod's doesn't operate like that and it really helps me feel comfortable doing business here. They really do care about their customers and the security of the accounts they are using. 


SUPPORT RATING: 10/10 - You honestly will not find better



Overall, there are some issues with the aimbot that I can't seem to get sorted. Default loot ESP can flood your screen with items, so you will need to tweak it right out of the box. The cheese does have downtime but  you are compensated for it, and the downtime is for your own good to keep you from getting banned. I would have to say that I have been really impressed with the total Chod's experience. Thank you for the hard work you do!




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