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1 Year CS:GO Review

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Hello Buddys,


My English isn´t good as another one´s, but i will try it.


One Year Ago, i was searching for a good & Legit CS:GO Cheat and everytime i read the same "Chod´s Cheats. 

Well then, i signed up here and bought the normal Version from the Cheat. (I don´t needed the Streamproof Shit at this time)

The First Start was a little bit tricky but with the Support ticket, i got quick help. (thanks for that.)


What can i say, .... 


The Aimbot is very nice, Esp always work with many many settings for customize, the Security is really awesome (no ban for me since 1 year and i raged a few times^^)

but for my Opinion the best thing are the Settings from the Customers and Mods that you can set when you follow them here AND the Message when you try to disable the Safe Mode, it warns you from using the risky features like Silent aim etc.

In this Case i give it a 10 from 10.


Good and nice Work from Chod

suuuupeeeeeeeer Settings from the User here.

and a really nice Support.


Thank you.



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