Escape from Tarkov Review

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It was a really rough start with Chod's for me.

I started playing EFT after patch 0.9, and bought the cheats a few days before they came back online. I used the cheats for a few hours after work when they were initially re-released. I logged back in the next morning, and wasn't banned, even though I saw sooooo many reports of bans. That night after work, I logged in, and was banned. 

I was salty. Figured I was out 50 bucks for the game, and 20 for the cheese (Rounding ofc).


A week later I bought another copy of EFT, I love the game.

A couple weeks later Chod's re-re-releases the cheese for a day...


I used the cheats for a few hours after work, log back in, in the morning. I wasn't banned, the cheese was disabled.

I read Chod's posts, I feel like you care about your community.... I support you ❤️


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