Escape from Tarkov review


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This is going to be a short and sweet review!



I was new to EFT and a friend of mine suggested chods, been using cheats in video games for well over 6 years and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the quality of Chods EFT cheat. 


The customization/ the aimbot/ the features were absolutely flawless and by far one of the best game cheats I have used in a long time. 


Other providers cannot hold a candle to this cheat, it was undetected for the longest time. 


I like many others were hit by the unfortunate recent ban wave but that’s the name of the game. 


Dont cheat if you cant afford to lose your account, simple as that!


In the downtime I attempted to use an ulternate eft cheat and I have to say it is night and day to Chods, the other I attempted to use was poorly made, next to no features, just a basic esp that barely worked. 


I cannot wait wait for Chods EFT to be back up!


Thanks for all the hard work you do man I know it’s not easy, especially to the depth your cheat goes people do not realize. 




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