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Figured I should probably put down my experience of the last couple months before the recent detection. I will caveat that whilst the cheat is detected (and unavailable at the time of writing this) I have not been banned from tarkov.


Injection was super easy. The GUI layout is simple.


ESP is fairly easy to customise and filter.


Loot filter does have to be customised every injection I would love to see the ability to save a loot filter config (unless I have missed it)


Aimbot is amazing and unlike some cheese I have used in the past the trigger is separate to the aim itself which means I can choose when to actually fire.


The support that I have had from the team at Chod's has been the best within the Hacking community that I have seen!


I can only say good luck on figuring out the problems and I hope for a quick re-release! You guys do a great job!


Injection and GUI    5/5

ESP                            5/5

Aimbot                      5/5

Loot filter                 4/5



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