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Sergei's leeeeeeegit high quality cheese review

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10/10 sharpest cheddar on the market 


hey kids? 

Bought an expensive steam early access game that isn't on steam from a shady russian developer using the unity engine? 

Tired of being laggy and getting killed in crazy ways on the UNITY ENGINE? 

Tired of Twitch streamers using mega computers running the game at 120 frames a second making you get BTFO'd in every match? 

Seeing all the other hackers show up and becoming gods among men? 

Always dreamed of being the cool kid or the bad boy that all the ladies talk about? 

Never made the mark before? 

Can't afford a $2000 computer to run the game at peak performance? 


Well do I have the thing for you!

C h o d ' s 

          C h e a t s 


yes that's right instead of spending $150+ on the edge of darkness limited special not so special edition of escape from tarkov now YOU can buy a standard edition for $45 and spend $20 on these legit cheesy cheeses!


Instant gratification! 






Undetected for ONE YEAR STRAIGHT before the EFT devs actually got off their couch and did something about it. Think chod can beat his previous record? 

Honestly one of the top cheeses on the market currently.


Ok on to the serious part 

The cheese is top notch, easy to use interface and customizable options let you see everything or nothing at will, instantly will give you a strategic advantage over the enemy.

Personally I don't need any help aiming my gun so I just turned on the ESP and became t h e  p r e d a t o r 

nightvision is a game changer

and previously impossible to complete quests are now possible

rare loot easy to find 

and scav hunting was never more fun

still quite alot of skill involved too, ESP has never made me more stealthy when hunting prey in my life, truly made the experience better.


Was banned in the banwave, but who cares lol, it was just a standard edition. Clan banned too but it doesn't matter lol, most of the clans either have hackers in them, no skill members who literally don't know how to check ammo in the game and bring HP into a round, or the entire clan is hackers lolol. If you aren't cheating you aren't playing 


You really think any of the streamers are playing legit? nah bruv, grimmz plays this game now, you know he's got his aimbot on.


Will be buying another copy of the game once the cheat is back up, recommend for any and all who want the thrill of this shitty game at the expense of the europoor devs 


and remember, it's illegal to be homosexual in russia, if you succ Nikita you go to jail 


good luck out there boizzzz and have a fantastic day :DDD

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