Chod's Cheats EFT Review


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So I'm new to using the client Chod's cheats uses but they did make it very easy for new people to understand how it works.
The aimbot is on point and very accurate too hitting where you set it to hit.
The vision gives you a grate view of where things are at and is not too obstructive, so knowing yours surroundings is very possible.
I find this engine to be very useful and made my playing experience a whole lot easier, so props to them on that......
Though I would like to point out that this was after only one night that it was available for a shot time....... and it was detected.
Now that it was, my EOD account is blocked and I can no longer use it even though there was a direct saying that they wanted the engine too be safe before letting use use it.
And there is no safety net for you here when you are detected so from the point I'm at there is nothing that can be done, so watch what you're doing.

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