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BFBC:2 Hack


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Hi is it still really buggy? I had it for 3months and towards the end of that the hack started needing all these requirements like booting in a special mode etc, and I really didn't want to use it anymore if it was going to be that much of a hassle. I mean I understand it's for security since your main game is CS:GO but could maybe minimal security be put in place for like if you only have a BFBC:2 subscription?

I mean I don't want to make the hack sound like it was bad or anything, I mean it was a great hack that I used for the better part of 3 months just towards the end of it it started to have a lot of extra security measures that made it difficult to just casually being playing one game then want to load up BFBC:2 and want to use Chod's Cheats.

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