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Honest Review For EFT Cheese

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To get formalities out of the way, simply this cheat works great. All the features come together and change the tides to give you the upper hand  in literally every single firefight you take part in, if you decide to rage hack or closet cheat there are features for you to pick and choose from so that you can personalise your experience. Playing with other people? Get rid of all the obvious features and go with ESP, no recoil and no sway. Those three ALONE are worth the monthy price, let alone all the other hilarious and mind blowing features like my personal favourite.... The auto unlocker for doors. 


While the ESP works great with Red Dot sights, any magnified optics present an issue with the location of the boxes around your opponents. I do however know there is a detailed guide somewhere in the forums that specifically tells you which optics work under which conditions, hopefully that helps you. Personally, this issue doesn't bother me what so ever because I primarily use red dot sights anyways, I understand the frustration for people that love sniper rifles and DMR's with magnified optics. I do find that the ESP is much better with the distance marker and the bones feature instead of using boxes so you can get an exact position on your foes head if you choose not to use aimbot like myself, pair that with the display names feature to avoid potential or known streamers and there you go. I do love the inventory ESP where you can see what's in their pockets, backpack or what weapon(s) they have on them. That feature has told me exactly what I need to do to 'outplay' my enemy depending on weapons. The only thing left to be desired from the ESP is the ability to see what type of armor and helmet they're wearing, that would in fact help tactical decision making in a half second flat. So to round up the ESP plain and simple, it's good. Other than the nit picky things I say in the review, and the fact that periodically when I load in the ESP stops working, (Very rarely, 1 out of 50 games maybe... and the simple fix is to close your game and re-inject) I would recommend it along with my preset to keep things looking clean and simple.

The aimbot feature is really fun, although I personally don't need it, sometimes I do enjoy running around hipfire headshotting people just for the hell of it. Simply, it works great and functions as a great tool to keep your opponent(s) at bay with no issue. Have some expensive gear and there's a squad of 4 in front of you? Hotkey that bitch and let'er rip tater chip, you just killed an entire squad. Honestly, it works really well at almost any range. Close range, I have troubles using it on prone enemies, which is why I recommend putting it on a hotkey so you can turn it on and off selectively as you go.. Granted that you choose to use the aimbot. The features that go along with the aimbot are nice to have as well, you can change the field of view of which your aimbot snaps onto targets, you can change which type of targets you want to ignore. So if you wanted to only target Scavs with your aimbot but not players, or vise versa, that's an option. You can even choose to target just BEAR, or just USEC. The tools are there for you!! There are some other features in the aimbot tab such as superbullets, which turns one projectile into a bunch of projectiles. Shoot one shotgun slug, a bunch of other shotgun slugs go with it. Simply speaking, it makes people nearly a one hit kill no matter what they're wearing. However, someone seeing that one 9mm round did 60k damage to their chest is an obvious way to tell if you're cheating, so use this feature with caution. Also, because the projectiles all spread out, this feature at range is something I would avoid trying. A good thing to note is that I haven't been able to turn it off after turning it on during a raid, however I can still turn it off AFTER the raid is done and everything is back to normal. So with all that being said, I would recommend tinkering with your aimbot settings when you're in game to see what you like and how you might want to play with it. 10/10, love it.

                                                                                                                        MISC FEATURES          

Back to my personal favourite, the auto unlocker…. It opens any door you look at, even the ones that are not supposed to be open and just go to an empty room. Its great, no need for a shit load of keys taking up random space or having to figure out how noclip works to get into that one goddamn room you need into. There is also a night vision feature, no more need to carry expensive ass NVGs. There are features that don't work, you can look through the updates page or ask someone about them. When BSG updates the game, sometimes things get broken. Features like, Teleport loot to me, grenade aimbot, fly mode, no decay (Which I will explain), teleporting to certain players or locations (exits), I believe there was even unlimited ammo before my time and a few other feature no longer work, or no longer work as intended. No decay for example keeps your energy and hydration numbers at 100, but your character can still get dehydrated and die, I have had it happen to me. However, don't get your hopes down about these amazing features not working because Chod's Cheats is ALWAYS working at new features, or fixing old ones to work again with the newest updates. They WILL, and underline that hoe because I promise you, there will be more features and the ones that do exist are freaking amazing. (there is also a SAFE MODE, it disables certain features to lower the risk of being banned. When you load your config without turning safe mode off, it disables certain features and messes up your config, so just turn safe mode off and re-load your config to fix that issue. Not a big deal.)

                                                                                                                      THE WIGGLE RULE
If you see someone tracing you through walls, following you around or ect. Wiggle at them using Q and E rapidly, if they wiggle back, leave them alone. They're a cheater just like you!

                                                                                                                             To sum things up

I love this cheat dearly, the price, the service, the dedication and care the staff put into the website is 10/10. I wouldn't buy cheats from anyone else after using the ones I got from here, never been banned and I rarely get called out for cheating even when I play with other people because of the customisation and the ability to mask your cheating by toning down the cheese to be a little more subtle. I would recommend this cheat to anyone looking for EFT hacks, some people like to rage with a higher risk of being banned, and some people like myself enjoy being more subtle about it. However, I did see a post at one point or another from a community member saying that you should avoid using speed hacks and fly hacks because at that point, its literally a big sign over your head saying 'BAN ME FUCKERS'. So I would avoid using that, not only that, but you put emphasis on the cheating issue EFT currently has and makes it more likely for devs to investigate how the cheats are made to shut them down. So please, play with caution.

                                                                                                                                           A little thank you for the devs
I understand you cheat developers take a lot of flak for making these cheats, people like me judging your work and talking shit about all the little nit picky things you know about. But none the less all of us appreciate the work you put into these tools and I seriously am grateful for the time you all put into the website and the cheats. You certainly have made a returning customer out of me, thank you SO SO much. :)      

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Just now, MrMeanWiener said:

Well, I mean. I haven't been using the cheat for like 6 months or anything but ok. :) 

nah man im just saying because i haven't been able to use it yet after reading all of these reviews


got the man hyped after losing his job

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17 minutes ago, thevault88 said:

Wow, what a review! Thorough, detailed and it so true about the wiggle rule, it has happened to me many times and just went our separate ways. Good work.

Glad you like it. Took me a long time to figure everything out lol. I still learn new things every now and then lol

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