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(100th post woohoo!)

I'm not one to write reviews on anything really but I have decided to write one. Over the past 99 posts, the one thing that astonishes me is the community. I have never seen a cheating site have such an active and respectful community around it. Most of the cheating community is toxic, Chods Cheats, however, is not. The staff here are amazing, they are extremely active, respectful and understandable. The administrators here do an amazing job at being active themselves despite all they must be working on and Chod, he puts so much time and dedication into his company that it amazes me that people complain when a cheat is down for a weekend or 2. I found Chods Cheats through a simple google of "EFT Cheats" during a conversation I and my friend were having about how bad the cheating is in this game, and knowing that there isn't an anti-cheat and the only way that I could get banned is manual I decided to give it a go and I have to say, the cheat is extremely developed for just a game in beta. The menu even though looks like its being used across all cheats (why change/fix what isnt broken though right?) is amazing and the number of features is just absurd. The aimbot is extremely configurable and the friend's list add-on is an amazing edition, it has saved me from killing so many of my friends that still don't know I'm cheating. The custom filter ESP has gotten me through so many tasks that I don't know what I would do without it. I'm not going to go through every feature and tell you why I like it, because I think you guys get the point. Overall Chod's Cheat's as a whole is an amazing place to be if you like to cheat in video games and have a good community to discuss such thing with. 

TL;DR - Amazing community, staff and cheat.

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