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Chods cheats.... DO IT


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I must say I was hesitant when I started to use this which I think we all were. But I tell you, you will NOT be let down by the quality of this service. Works incredibly well, not just in Tarkov, but lots of other games too! and if theres ever any issue, not just the commnuity but the staff/devs and the whole team behind this will sort your issue within minutes.


Dont know how to make any software run? no problem! ask anyone in chat or watch the tutorial videos! The hack itself not working? no problem! the guys here fix the issue ASAP and compensate you for any down time!


Honestly all my worries went out the window a few days after I started playing with it. I know myself theres a good team behind this, and they know what they're doing! my question is now, why havent you bought this yet?! ?

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