EFT and Chods <3


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For this website is what made EFT complete.

what most of you dont know about me is that when a game doesent have a cheat its not really complete.

i love cheating on varius games! and do it alot :) i feel like a huge scumbad for it but i just like it!


When i found cheats for EFT on Chods . i din't hasitate a second to buy them!

even tho they where disable ( for updates at that moment, Sorry mods! ) 


when they came back i tried them out . i really love the simplicity of the cheats and that i can run noclipping/flying with my mate through the whole map without ever being banned, The ESP is amazing and you can even see loot ! very very cool ! farming those bitcoins became a whole lot less hard now haha! i have been using this cheat for a week now i guess? and i really love it! the way i can kill ppl and it just makes the game so much more fun.

I feel safe hacking with Chods cheats! i will defenitly buy more of your cheats!


❤️ thanks a bunch for exsisting you'll be getting Some donations in the next months/weeks from my end. and ofc my subscriptions will stay!


Much Love And appriciation ~ TheSinEater

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