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EFT review

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Well after testing a lot of differents site and differents hack i must say that CHOD are the best for :

-I got my account ban 2 time from 2 diferrent cheat providers after 1 mouth of playing. With CHOD more than one mouth past and still not ban...


-SpeedHack, noclipHack, UnlockDoorHack ect ect all this freatures never seens apart from here are the best thx for that ( you don't know how many time noclip save me from a fucking place where you stuck and can't leave...)

-just negative point is that i really would like instead of implementing new features not o usefull or that really break the game... (auto evade) and broke the aimbot aswell ; that you actually focus on the aimbot, is not so precise with target moving (spriting) and far target (past 150m bye bye headshot...) lot of time go crazy or is not aiming on the person but 3m at left or right and prediction bullet is not existing at all. It would be very great if we can have a prediction bullet from moving and 300m target (glory time of sniping) 

So in general a great hack, very great hack but plz focus on the aimbot maybe not used from some user but i can certify that the most of hacking guys are using aimbot, should be great if he work well.

thx for all  keep the great work

And sorry for my bad english.

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