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Mazkee's Testimonial For EFT

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Welcome to my testimonial!


Good morning everyone. This is my honest review of Escape From Tarkov. I'm going to through the features I have used myself, how I like them and what I'd like to change.

I've had this cheat for at least 4 months now.

Even though I'm associated with Chod's Cheats in the GFX Team, all opinions are my own. The Review is made in full honesty.







Locks on to enemies at high speed if needed. Can be slowed down to avoid being too blatant.



Can be binded to either mouse down or toggle to avoid locking into enemies by accident.



You can choose which body parts you want to hit. This is useful especially when dealing against heavy armored players.


-Can't keep up

Aim prediction is off when locking into an enemy moving left or right too fast. This is problematic especially against speedhackers. EDIT: Seems like as of late, this issue has been fixed. Added 2 points!


-Recent Bug:

There is an ongoing bug where the aimbot snaps to the left of the target, making it impossible to use this feature at all.







You can customize the ESP to suit your personal preference really well. Many options to choose from really makes the ESP more comfortable to use.


-On point:

Stays on target extremely sharply. You can fully trust on the esp to show the enemies' location correctly.



You can filter the Loot ESP now, so it only shows the items you are after. Combine this with almost unlimited distance, and you can check if the map has the item you are looking for instantly.




Some of the features that CS:GO cheat offers are missing (2d corner, grenade esp etc.)


-Unfinished Filter

Some items show up as "Loot" instead of showing up the real name. EDIT: This has been fixed. 2 points to Chods-Cheats!


-ESP From far away

If you are trying to shoot enemies further away, the ESP gets on the way alot. 2d corners could help (right now you can only use skeletons or a full box). Because of this "Issue", I can't use either of the position ESPs (using only the distance meter to locate enemies).






if all recoil dampening features are on, your gun will have no recoil at all (shoots like a laser.) You can also choose to only have vertical or horizontal recoil, or just disable swaying and breathing.



Unresponsive at times:

Sometimes the feature cannot be disabled without a restart. This also happens with super bullets.




-Smooth Interface: 
The menu is working great! It feels responsive and user friendly, with a lot of customization color-wise etc.


-Configs and sharing:
You can save as many different configs as you want, making it easy to switch between Rage and Legit hacking. You can also share and download configs with others, which is a really good feature to have. Really big plus!


The menu hasn't crashed on me even once.


-Professional Look:
Visuals on this menu is better than any other I've seen!

-Config Loading:
Sometimes the configs refuse to load up properly, leaving some parts on which you don't wanna use (Spectator list, Radar) and disables some options that you want to use (Aimbot, In-game Radar ESP) EDIT: Seems like no one else is having this issue except me.

-Issue with Windows Version 1803:
At the time when I'm writing this, you cannot inject the cheat in fullscreen mode if you want to use the menus. This is caused by the new update from Windows. Hopefully this is a priority to fix, since it affects every cheat for every game.






-Auto Unlocker:

This is ultimately the best part of the whole cheat. It works perfectly. Maybe a unlock animation could be added to make this feature streamable.



I love tweaking the weather to make the game run in a beautiful climate. This + Night Vision feature is really fun!


-Unlimited Stamina/Fast Sprint

This are features that I always have enabled to make the game less frustrating.



I'm always the first to reach certain lootspots with this feature.


-Teleport To Crosshair:

This feature just might save your ass from a tight spot. Good temporary noclip, aswell.



-Broken Features:

No Decay still doesn't prevent dehydration (even though hydration meter stays at 100),
LSD Mode doesn't seem to do anything,
NoClip is more of a push than fly,
Super Jump breaks your legs if you don't land on the same altitude you jumped from,
Too high speeds on the speed hack makes you rubber band hard and sometimes makes you fall through the map.




This has been my honest review for the Escape From Tarkov cheat. There's a lot of things that are most likely to get fixed really soon and when they are fixed, I will edit the review accordingly.



Thank you to Chod's Cheats for providing another really sweet product. I highly recommend buying this cheat, even more so when the bugs get fixed.


Change the game,

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37 minutes ago, Mazkee said:

This has been my honest review for the CS:GO cheat. There's a lot of things that are most likely to get fixed really soon and when they are fixed, I will edit the review accordingly.

We need to fix that! :D

Thanks for the Review!  @Mazkee

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1 minute ago, Rated said:

We need to fix that! :D

Thanks for the Review!  @Mazkee

God damnit. I'm really tired, doing an allnighter, blaming it on that. Also, I just made a CS:GO review aswell :D 

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3 hours ago, BosnianBIll said:

Very detailed review, love the setup too. 

Thank you bill!

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43 minutes ago, JulianEph said:

Thanks for the Review!

Thanks Julian. I'm anxious to edit the score to a better one when the bugs get fixed :)

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Hello Mazkee!


Thanks for the detailed review! We appreciate your kind words

The banners looks amazing btw ❤️


Kind Regards


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11 hours ago, LewisUK said:

Almost looks too good.  People might think Chod did this one. 

Haha that's awesome dude.

Thanks to both of you :)

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