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Debited my card but no access yet


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Been going through some problems on this website due to trying to be approved by "staff".

I tried paypal and payment was held by chods due to waiting for approval from staff. Weird as the info is correct and I put my phone number etc billing info.

Waited for over and hour and support wasnt very helpful so to try to make it easier for chods, I cancelled paypal payment and charged it directly to my credit card. It was declined (im guessing because it was the card that my paypal is connected too). So then i just used my debit card so there would be no problems because the cash would be debited directly. WRONG. I get the message that I need to wait for approval. I have seen multiple admins on and messaged them also. Nothing. My payment was already debited. I've waited patiently but this is taking a little too long no? What else do you need? I have been asking what you need as I would provide info as long as its a legit reason. No response nor help. I dont know if they are not reading their messages so I am posting on the forums for some help please. Thanks.

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Just wait for the admin's to verify the payment don't rush they busy


they need some information's


The Staff's ( Purple Name's ) only held this forum & Ticket's Helping People with problems and issue not the apporval thing of the payment



Only The Administration ( Red Name's ) Can apporve your payment


You Can Contact Directly in Support Ticket File there


And PM Dex / Chod / Emii / Zen < this four

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Thanks for the info. I already knew what you just said. I msged an admin not a mod. Red name. No help. I understand they are busy but this is a business and I do not know any business that doesnt like new money or cash flow lol. My friends got access right away but somehow I didnt? Info was all correct which is why I am bringing this up. If they need information they just need to ask me. I can provide whatever they need but there is no reply except. Just wait till an admin looks at your case. No Eta. Nothing. 


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