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Chod's EFT Diary Review


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This review will be somewhat unorthodox, I will be doing a day by day account of my experience with the cheat!

I hope you guys find this usefull I you are thinking of buying...


DAY 1 - 16/05/18

The first day of my use of this cheat, and to say the least I was very impressed with the astounding quality of the menu, After the initial injection, I frantically smashed insert and gazed in awe as I saw it, the menu looked detailed, and the addition of both the chat box that links to the forums to ask for help and the statistics page were also great additions that I wasnt expecting. Moving onto the visuals, I personally thought they were great, the system that bound keys was great however didnt register keys such as the arrow keys however this can be fixed, the aimbot was also facing this same issue, however the aimbot was still superb, with all the features I expected and more...




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