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Been using the EFT cheat since Feb 2018.

  1. ESP - 10/10 - Easy to use and understand. Everything is clearly marked and has so many options to key bind it makes for easy customization.
  2. Aimbot - 9/10 - No recoil/spread/sway/breath is amazing as well as super bullets! I don't really use the aimbot but when I tried it was a little wonky.
  3. Misc - 10/10 - No clip works great to run across the map and hide in walls. Super speed allows quick reload of mags. Auto unlock is flawless. What more can I say? Works great!
  4. Security - 20/10 - Easy to use client! The client stops you from launching if it hasn't been updated for the recent patch and even using things that are evident won't get you insta-banned which means you can no clip all you want as long as no admins see you in game!

Recommended - 11/10 - it does change the game!

P.S. - Staff are nice :P

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