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Product change or partial refund?


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When I first looked into buying the TF2 package i saw that it was presented on the home page but when i tried to buy it i was given no indication that it was being withheld. You'd figured if a product is disabled for the time being it would be the first thing you'd see when trying to by it, or maybe i just missed it. But at the time i though it was just some mix up in the product listing so I tried a alternative and bought the Gold Package since it had TF2 included. That was a mistake I didn't understand until after I had VIP access to review the forum saying that all VAC services were disabled. So now im stuck with a package i didn't intend to use expect for the one game but now I cant even use that.

In short, can I get a refund for the recent purchase, a partial refund or what?

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Well we disabled purchasing the TF2 package itself due to it being disabled.

The gold package remains buy-able since it contains games that isn't VAC only.

We don't normally do these kind of swaps, but I've swapped your gold package out with 5 months TF2 package since you did notify within 24 hours.

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