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EFT hack review after 2 weeks


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Hi there,


i have hacked now nearly 2 weeks. I had vacation the last 2 weeks, so i had much time to play and i played a lot. So here is my Review for the EFT Cheat.

Short Information how my Review works and why maybe some subjects get so less Points compared to other Reviews. I think much guys give just 10 or 9 out of 10 because it worked and they have now so much loot and Money and high Level etc, but that it works is a Minimum you should expect if you pay for it (sure there are scammers and sellers where you get a not working hack but thats not important now). I will give a minus Point for every negativ Thing i found. So if there would be no negativ Points it would be a 10 out of 10. Than let us begin.



The Aimbot is working but it could be better so here is the list what could be better. I would say its a normal aimbot with no real Specials:


- The Friend list is a nice Option to remove your Team from the aimbot, but there is a Little Problem. If there are to much Players or scavs on the map than your friend is maybe not on the list and you cant scroll down the list or it doesnt worked for me. Its most times on shoreline or Woods. (-1p)

- Sometimes it doesnt hit the enemy. For example if the enemy is runnig the aimbot isnt aiming Forward. Some hacks aiming forward in the right where the enemy is running that is something which is missing at this hack.(-1p)

- The Super Bullet Option is the Instakill Option i think. But its not a real Instakill Option. Sometimes they are dead with one shot but most time not. I know it should not Count at the aimbot section but at the hack it is in the aimbot section so i will Count it here. I could Count it in the misc section but it would be the same final verdict so i let it here.(-1p)

- You cant bind your aimbot to a hotkey. Or if you can its not so easy to find. In other hacks i had the Option in the aimbot section to say my aimbot should be activatet if i push a key or it is active while im Holding a key. So im not sure if its in or not but i didnt found it(-1p)

- Sometime the aimbot was not working. Every time i was aiming to an enemy he aims far right of it but i will not give an minus Point for it because it was a bug and it helps if you restart the game and the hack and it was only 2 times.


+ You can change the Speed(dont do it less than 1) and you can change the fov of the aimbot. But its not really Special most hacks i used had this Option. 


Verdic for Aimbot: 6 out of 10.



- Some Items are not shown in the ESP. For Example the mag for the mpx has no Name in the hack so you cant see it while looking around.(-1p)

-The Filter Option doesnt work like it should. If i mark only Money you see so much other thinks than Money. Maybe you can do a Filter Option that you can type in a part of a word and there Comes a list of items which you mean and you can check them to see only this. Because for some missions it would be very helpful to only see this items which you are searching or if you want to find Bitcoins it would be easier if you could only search this than. And you cant see what the enemys have in there west. You can see the pockets and the bags but you cant see whats in the west.(-1p)


Verdic for ESP: 8 out of 10.



Not much to say. There are some nice functions but some useless too like the lsd mode


Verdic for Misc: 10 out of 10.


All in one its a good hack but with potential upwards. See this as sugesstion to make the hack better especially the aimbot. Im still not banned and i played often rage mode. I never used the Speed hack but i killed often guys through bushes or something else on high distance. Sometimes i have over 20 kills in one raid and im not banned. 


So my final verdict is a 8 out of 10


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Thanks for the review buddy :D. Just a few minor notes:

For the aimbot section, I think chod just updated the prediction for the aimbot, so that should work better now.

Also, you can bind a hotkey simply by right clicking the checkbox -> bind. There you can choose between toggling and on press. 

Super bullets are not intended as instakill I believe since it just shoots 6 bullets instead of 1.

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7 hours ago, Dr. Snif said:

Also, you can bind a hotkey simply by right clicking the checkbox -> bind. There you can choose between toggling and on press. 

just blew my mind. didn't know that was possible. good to know and will put it to the test on monday when the new update is released... 

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