How to get 30-35k EXP in about 15 minutes


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To start, get a trizip, mk 3 vest, and buy a shit ton of ifaks and put them everywhere so theres no space. Also buy 1 water bottle, then go into woods night or shoreline night but I like woods more. Kill a scav or player and loot their body so you don't get a run through. Next, go to the nearest extract and sit in a bush and turn on the speedhack and turn it up to 10. Watch as your hydration goes down, then as it hits 0 start medding like crazy, don't be too slow or you will die. Once you run out of meds, drink water, and extract. You generally get around 30-35k for this method, but I used salewas so the number could be higher if you use ifaks.

Will make a video if some of you don't understand.

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Doing that in the late 30's really help to get that level 40. Thanks for this method, works like a charm! (First time I did it, I almost died because you really werent lying about healing fast. Couldn't hotkey my next line of meds and lost 4 limbs lmao. Make sure to bind speedhack before doing this, just a tip ;P)

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