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Escape From Tarkov - An Honest Cheat Review


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So I've been using the cheat for around a week now, and damn I've got to say I'm impressed. Never before have I seen such quality and attention to detail in a game cheat. 




The aimbot (While I don't use it much to avoid detection) works quite well and most certainly gets the job done when you need to take out a warehouse full of players. When people are sprinting from a little further away it doesn't always land every shot, but in a game with travel time and bullet drop, I completely understand it. Every so often you might encounter a moment in which it doesn't quite aim where you need it to, but from my experience with it, it's been great. I'd give it a solid 8/10.




The ESP in this hack is BRILLIANT. Absolutely frickin' phenomenal. In my entire life I've not seen better looking visuals. In fact, I can't tell if I'm looking at the ESP for the info it provides, or just because it looks so damn good. It gives you everything you need to know about the contents of crates, items on the floor, what players have on them, how far away said players are, their current health. It's incredible. You guys absolutely deserve a 10/10 here. ;)


Misc Options:


We're given options such as infinite stamina and an auto-unlocker for locked doors. Both of which are fantastic and extremely useful. I've not tried any of the other features under this section as I prefer to stay as 'legit-looking' as possible, however I have no doubt in my mind that they work flawlessly. 10/10




While using the cheat, I did not experience any performance drops at all. Everything ran as smoothly as it would without having god-like powers injected into my game. 10/10




I've spoken with people who have used this cheat for months and have remained unbanned and safe. Chod and their team does an excellent job at keeping everything up-to-date and ensuring that we remain completely informed. 10/10




If you're tired of being ambushed in Interchange by squads of 4, or you'd like to loot the Resort in Shoreline without fear of walking into a corner-camper, then I highly recommend you choose Chod's Cheat for Escape From Tarkov. Don't get aimbotted by those scavs, DO the aimbotting!


I've had a lot of fun with this cheat and I'm extremely keen to see what's possible with the Rust cheat that I believe Chod and company are working on, as I am a veteran South African Rust player who has grown exceptionally tired of being targeted by massive clans. I wouldn't trust any other cheat provider to care about my security and safety than Chod's Cheats. :3


Thanks for another fantastic game cheat, and keep it up!

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