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I bought this game in 2016. At first I believed the developers. But over time, I realized that the game does not work out something really cool. And I decided that one day I would play in EFT. But by my rules.


Since that time, 2 years have passed. I was rather bored and then I remembered that I have EoD-pack. There is no replay camera in the game. In principle, there is nothing that could convict me of cheating. Does this game deserve fair play? Of course not! :D That`s why i choose Chod`s cheats. 


Of course, in the first raids I died even with cheats (sad but true, ye). But with each new game I understood how to act. I understood the settings, tried different options. With Chod`s cheats (and my game strategy, but without rage-cheat mode) i play as a professional EfT player. And that`s awesome! Now about the cheat. (I will use a 5 star rating system)


Aimbot: 4/5 - Shooting at not moving targets (even from a long distance) is excellent. Shooting at targets up to 100 meters is excellent. But for moving targets an aimbot can miss. Also an aimbot is not friendly with 4х optical sights. It is best to use a collimator/holographic sights.
ESP: 4/5 - I want a filter for some things (for example, show only bitcoins/cartridges of a certain caliber/certain weapons), separation of types of objects in different colors. And exits for Scavs (sometimes I could not understand where the exit is). In all the rest, ESP works great.
Misc: 4.99/5 - With these options, I feel like some kind of superhero from the MARVEL universe. You can run tirelessly like Quicksilver (and if you want to catch up escaping player with a delicious gun like LOBAEV sniper rifle, turn on the super speed!). I can change the day for the night and back. Or to see in the dark without night vision glasses. But the most OP option is "fuck this fucking doors". xD You can open any door without a key. Friends are surprised. "Wow, do you have a key from this door? You are awesome!". :D Also you don`t need water or food. Honestly, cheat deserves all 5 stars for Misc, but I took one hundredth for non-working "Fast loot" option in online. Maybe I'm asking for a lot (especially since there is an ESP and a radar and i know when to loot), but if this option will work in online, I'll put all 10.
Performance: 5/5 - No lags. No fps drops. 100% performance.


Final score: 4.5/5 - Almost perfect cheat with 0 detection and amazing stuff (You will receive an answer to your question within an hour or even faster). I would write something else, but it's time for me to go to Customs. The hunt begins!

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