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EFT : 3 months experience


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Hey guys, i decided to create my first topic about the EFT cheat.

After 3 months of subscription, i’m still playing the game and not banned, last banhammed punished 500 people so, for everyone asking if this cheat is really safe to use, yes it is. But don’t be to obvious, until you don’t wipe a full squad there is no reason to worry about the banhammer I think ^^.


i really appreciate too how Chod and his team are working hard to keep this cheat updated as soon as a new update is released and how they add some cool features in it. 


I never paid a cheat before but when you see there is a real support team and how they are working hard to keep us safe to the anti-cheat, they really have to be paid.


Aimbot 9/10: works pretty good

Misc Features 10/10 : unlimited stamina, auto-unlocker, and other useful tools, what do you want more ? ^^.

Visuals 10/10 : you can filter what kind of items you want to see through the esp ( between, a filter to see only bitcoins, cats and others expensive stuff will be amazing haha)

Performance 10/10 : no fps drop using this cheat tool. Probably the best one you can find over the net.



Thanks again to all the Chod’s team ;)


Kind regards from France ^^

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