EFT Review.


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Ease of Use: I found that this cheat was very easy to use, As someone with little to no experience cheating/modding/hacking (Whatever the correct term is, i don't know) i found myself easily being able to use the options inside the menu, with little to no effort i was able to set the settings i want.


Performance: I've had no issues or bugs with this cheat, my FPS has not suffered, nor have the features not worked, i have not tested all of them but i have used quite a lot and am more than impressed with how well it works.


Price to performance ratio: For the price i paid i am more than happy to continue purchasing this cheat, It works flawlessly and i feel safe using it (Not that i should, no cheat is safe), The only issue i encountered was with having reshade installed, after removing it i was able to use the cheat.


Aimbot: The Aimbot works flawlessly, You are able to select different areas of the body you would like to shoot and they all work without issues.


ESP: The ESP works just as flawlessly as the Aimbot, there is no lag and the position of the players are exact.


Loot ESP: With filtering options this option is my favourite, i can see the items i want to grab and can filter out things i don't want to, However having the ability to set it for specific items would be a very welcome addition in my opinion.



Hopefully this small review is helpful and informative to individuals looking at purchasing the cheat and also inspires the creator to continue to improve the already wonderful cheat.


Thank You.




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