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So it's just about to hit a month of me using this service that Chod's provides and I can't recommend it enough. I have used other cheats that don't come close to this one that has cost more with less features. The launcher and menu are very easy to use and set up your own configuration of what you want to use or not. I play on my EOD account so i don't use allot of the features that would make me stick out but what i do use are very well done.


9/10 Item ESP: The item ESP works great and recently added filters that made it better but i would like to be able to filter out more specific items like just bit coins and 60 round mags.

10/10 Player ESP: The player ESP is simply amazing and very well done.

8/10 AimBot: I don't use this often but it has saved me a few times. I have had a couple of issues with hitting moving targets with the bot and actually more accurate myself but this could be me not setting the config correctly.

Misc . Features 10/10: Wow, just wow. Unlock any door by looking at it! come on best feature in my opinion. The amount of time it save you from looking for keys you need for mission items. AMAZING.

Chod/Staff 10/10: With the new 0.8 patch i thought we would be waiting days till everything was back up and running but these guys are fast. Their is a slight bit of down time when EFT has a new patch but Chod's are fast to update and make sure everything is safe for you.

In total despite my opinion on things that could be improved its definitely 10/10 from me. I hope my evaluation will help make you see that Chod's is the correct choice when shopping for a service like this.


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