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Updated Honest EFT Review - 5 Months Later


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I have played Escape From Tarkov since it's release, and have likewise been using cheats for the game accordingly. Last year I migrated to Chod's for this EFT cheat, and I can say that back in November last year, it DEFINITELY had problems. I can remember the aimbot being extremely jittery and often got me killed, and the teleporting and noclip functions were hit or miss. Eventually, I gradually dissuaded myself away from the game as a whole, dropping EFT hacking along with it. A few days ago I was browsing through my games when I saw the EFT launcher on my desktop, and suddenly I became very eager to begin playing again. Of course, I wouldn't be playing legit, as the game is riddled with problems and cheaters, so I came here to check on the EFT cheat. I eventually decided to buy it again and although there were some launching issues (understandable, large game update just hit), I was finally able to hop on and finally take a second look at the cheat today.

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with how far this hack has come. I'm not one to give unnecessary praise where it certainly isn't due, which seems to be common on these types of hacking forums *cough*, but I have to say this cheat 100% exemplifies what a cheat should be. I'll give a brief overview here, but I will go more in-depth down below. For starters, the aimbot has improved dramatically. It is important to remember that people like me buy cheats for games because, 1. We want to enjoy the game without having a hassle, and 2. Some of us SUCK, like me, and need things like aimbot to get an advantage. To me, some sort of aim assistance in a high-stress and high-stakes game like EFT is absolutely imperative. That's why I was very pleased to find that the aim assistance in this current version of the cheat is just near flawless. So far I've had no jitters or random spinning like the cheat was plagued with months ago. It is crisp and locks onto your target precisely, as long as you set your FOV to an appropriate range (This is important, set it low if you don't want to be locking on to people behind you). Super bullets is also amazing. Although it is a little iffy with some weapons, it almost always works consistently, giving easy pistol 1 shots on fully geared players. This is probably the most enjoyable and impressive part of the cheat for me.

The ESP is exactly as described. I'm not sure an advantage like ESP can really excel at anything, but it is more of a, "works as described, therefore it is perfect" kind of thing. The ESP is just that, an ESP, but it works, and it works well. It is clean and easy to understand like an ESP should be, which is all it really needs to be. One addition that impressed me and really made me proud of my purchase was how the ESP displays items that are inside crates/boxes/jackets before you even open them. This sounds like something stupid and small but it honestly makes it just that much better.

The final thing I'll describe here is the Misc. section. I am in LOVE with the night vision and the time of day toggles. This makes my life so much easier (which is the point of the cheat) and, like all of the other functions, it works very well. But hands down my FAVORITE part of this cheat is the door unlocker. This is AMAZING. I remember ages ago I would have to risk a game crash using noclip if I wanted to get into high value loot spots like the Marked Room. Now, I can just tick the box and I can walk in, it's honestly insane. I've used this to extract and find amazing gear so many times so far, it's almost ridiculous. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this cheat. Good work guys.

Brief 1/10 list of all the features in my opinion:
Aimbot: 10/10 (as of 4/23/2018): Works perfectly and exactly as described. Gets me gear fast and I actually enjoy the game while using it.
ESP: 9/10: I understand how the game renders objects and items, and how the cheat needs to view it twice to display the ESP on our screens, but the occasional jitter of the ESP does slightly bug me. This is more of a pretentious thing and honestly not that big of a deal, as it's easy to ignore and really doesn't ruin the ESP in any way. Just a little minor thing that you notice from time to time, but it seems unavoidable, so I can accept that.
Radar: 11/10: Amazing, love it. It actually makes a huge difference when I can just glance down at my radar and see there are no enemies nearby just like that (*figuratively snaps fingers) instead of having to turn around and scan the area all around me constantly. Radar usually seems like a gimmicky kind of cheat to me but it really just has a favorable niche in this game and this cheat executes it perfectly. 
Misc. Features: 10/10: Amazing. Really improved over the past half year and I'm very proud and content with the features provided and how well they function. Great job!

I won't speak on the rest of the menu features as they don't directly relate to the cheat. They are fine though and work as described.

All in all, if you are looking for an EFT cheat, don't get anything but this one, seriously. The price isn't even competitive, it's a SHUTOUT. I can honestly say this cheat would still be competitive if priced higher (although we don't need to go that far ;)). I can't get enough of this cheat, and I now have a large collection of dog tags in my player inventory waiting to be cashed in for some good $$. Thanks for the amazing cheat and the opportunity to use it. Keep up the good work!

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