EFT: First week review


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This is the first time I purchased a cheat on this site. I must say, they are definitely the most professional. The method they use, and the available cheats they have are just.. impressive to say the least.
I was kind of bad at the game, didn't really understand the mechanics, etc. This cheat helped me to get know the maps better, the aimbot works pretty good and is human-like, and unless you're stupid about using the cheat you shouldn't even be a suspect.
This made me enjoy the game much more, and (impressively) I'm even better when I play without cheats. 
I must say, congratulations to the team behind chod's cheats. You are a load of professional sons of bitches.
At first, I was kinda skeptical, the method to load the cheat by a USB drive was new to me as a whole, but now I actually love it. 
Props to you guys, and new users be sure to not think twice about getting it.

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