EFT: 1st Month Expirence


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So to give you a idea; I played this game for the month, and it improved everything about the game, and actually made it more interesting. I was able to see visuals across the map, I was able to autoaim and destroy pretty much anything in my path. I was able to collect pretty much anything I want. I was also able to keep this exclusive without my friends knowing.

Interface: Simple and understandable design. * Doesn't take long to learn what you need to do.                                                                              Rating: 10 of 10
Configs/Shared Configs: This truly makes it amazing to simply swap what your trying to do.                                                                                  Rating: 10 of 10
ChatBox: Amazing feature that works in game.                                                                                                                                                    Rating: 10 of 10
Statistics: Current Game Status working, not overall. Leaderboards, might not be working right do to not following to many users.                              Rating: 6 of 10                         
Visuals: Amazing giving you massive abilities in game to design how you see things. *Well done Chod.                                                                      Rating: 10 of 10
*Now to go into something that all people want to know about;
Aimbot: This is very intuitive and gives you some of the best abilities in the game. Friendlist to not shoot your enemies.                                             Rating: 10 of 10
Misc: giving you the ability to also rework visuals, and movement making this area just as important as Aimbot.                                                         Rating: 10 of 10
Console: Unknown but it looks pretty :)                                                                                                                                                            Rating: Unknown


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Ehy thanks for the really cool and detailed review buddy!

Statistics is not working in any of our cheat right now. It's a cool feature but not really worth it to keep it up.
With the console you can put some commands like "Watermark 0" to remove the Chod's Cheat [firefly] on top left. or removing the player boxes with "esp_player_box 0".
Basically you can customize the GUI or change some settings via command line, but since there's the GUI for it, there's no real need for you to use it.


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