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So I've been using Chod's for EFT for about a few days now and I do really like it. There are some small issues but I can overlook them easily.
The ESP is great once you get the text colors and distance set up right so you don't fill your screen with blocks of unreadable text from items a kilometer away lol
The super bullet is interesting as sometimes it makes your shots wildly inaccurate, but most times it's dead on with like 5 rounds per shot.
The aimbot seems to lag behind the players and scavs so I don't use it, beside the fact I just don't like aimbotting myself.
The no clip fly is a bit buggy at times. I get stuck sometimes in a rubberbanding loop where I'll go through a wall but it keeps pushing me back to the point I went through the wall and then if I try to run in different directions even with open space I still keep hoping back to that point. Led to some moments where I thought I would have to die to get out and lose all my stuff, but every time, I do manage to un-stick myself through bashing my character in a direction until I don't bounce back again. I've learned to go very slowly through a wall right next to what I want and just search from there so even if I do bounce back I still have the looting menu open and can grab the stuff.
Night vision helped a lot in a couple cases where I accidentally went to the wrong spawn time lol.
Helped me get some good loot.
All around I say 9/10.


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I have been successful in going through walls.  If you are on a side with a door, it seems not to work.  However, if you go through a side wall it does.  Like the container in the Bus Yard that you can spawn in that you have to leave the Golden Zibbo in.  You can't go in the door side, but you can go in the back side.  And, yeah I am loving the cheat when it works.  Lots of down time with all of the BSG patches, but I would rather have the down time than the ban time.  LOL

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