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I'm not quite sure about that since I didn't play the game a lot yet. I've probably played like 5-10 hours and teleported, speedhacked all over the maps, raged enemies down with aimbot and super bullets all the time and I'm not banned yet. I think there was only 1 user that got a manual ban. Other users have played for months without a single ban, but I don't know if they use these obvious settings a lot. 

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On 24.3.2018 at 1:33 PM, Dymee said:

Ok, can you get banned easy? for like fly mode, speed or high jump?

At least not with the old AC System. I tested out everything and played really a lot. So till the point of latest Update, no ... it was not riskier except you could get manual flagged by the BSG staff. But there is no anwser for the future, they could add pattern scanning for certain things and bust you with a shadow update to the AC. It happened in so many games that its always good to understand how Developers think and what they could possibly do. Thats why i like to wait certain days before a new Update to see if people get A insta banned (unlikely) or delay banned (good method to bust whole communities simply by detecting a invasive process and issuing the ban weeks or days later). In this case Person A tells everything is fine, which leads to other users thinking they are safe, and then banning all detected users from Point A on our Timeline to Point B and then start over a couple updates later.
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