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Tarkov review about two Months

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Hello Guys!

I wan't to write a little review about this Cheat of Chod :D
I've tested this Hack about 2 Months!

So the Menu of this is really f'cking awsome, so good to Change fast Settings with this nice Menu/Overlay.
Design: 10/10

Handling, you can find all Settings in small categories so its really easy to Navigate around the Menu.
Handling/Use: 10/10

Aimbot: I tried it about 2 Month with my second account, so that aimbot is really good working, you can change some Settings we know it from other Aimbots!
He do the work, works smooth, you need the right Settings, then u are Safe(K/D).
Aimbot: 8/10

Visuals, are pretty good, the ESP is really nice, also the Feature like "Highlight" a Player, like your Friend!
I Highlight my Friends always, then i see my Guys faster, and no mistakes can happen :D
A little thing is at the Scavs-Detection they are shown as Bot, but they are Player-Controlled.
Visuals: 10/10

Misc: I've not tried the Misc Features but the Unlim.Stamina was awesome, but i Play only with ESP on!
Cause i want to Play as legit as i can!
I tried in the older updates the Loot To Me, cause it was Server sided. Nice Work Chod.
I'll test some other Features, then i will edit also this Thread!
Misc: 8/10


This Hack become 9,5/10 Stars. Thumbs UP!

Thanks to Chod for the really fast Updates and Patchesfixes...
I also appreciate, that we became the time back, in that time the Hack doesn't work!

And a Little German Review for the German Customers!

Der Hack ist einfach nur sehr sehr Geil!
Ihr könnt damit wirklich viel erreichen in Tarkov.

Das Menü ist 1A gestalten!
Sehr leichte Menüführung!
Leicht zu Handhaben.

Aimbot - Er macht was er soll!
Einige Einstellungsmöglichkeiten wie man es von den Aimbot's kennt.
Er arbeitet sehr Smooth mit den richtigen Settings.
Nicht übertreiben dann seid ihr Sicher. (K/D)

Visuals - ESP Tip TOP!
Sehr viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten, wie Farben etc.
Freunde kann man eine eigene Farbe zuweisen.

Misc - Noch nicht wirklich genutzt!
Unlim. Stamina hatte ich einige Zeit lang genutzt, hilft einen schon sehr weiter.
Spiele aber lieber "Legit" somit einige Misc-Funktionen nicht nötig.
Alles in allem 9,5/10 Sternen!
Sehr fein! Chod - Go on! Don't Stop working!

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