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This program that I bought for Escape from tarkov has completely changed the way I play and made me a better player.

Before this I would just get agravated that I died to something stupid like not paying attention to a blind corner, or going to fast. This program has allowed me to understand where the people are, how to approach the situation and then react and engage.

I do still get killed using it, since I use the minimum amount of it.

I also turn it off at times and play and have noticed I can now make escapes easier, kill people faster and understand where people like to and enjoy to hide.

Thank you so much for putting time and effort into something that can help a player like me, or help a person who just wants to enjoy " more " out of the game than simply chilling around waiting to get murdered by a prone fast-mt guy that was camping for 20 minutes.

Great job guys and keep up the excellent work, well worth the money involved and paid for.

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The cheat in my opinion in amazing i enjoy a lot. honestly i was a pretty descent player before i had bought the cheat and now after using it it has completely optimized my game play. I have nothing bad to say about the eft cheat. i actually have been slowing down with using all features cause being able to see where people are an watching to see different peoples game play styles has got me able to approach my enemy's wiht out any hesitation.

Just want to give a huge thank you to the time an effort put into all the work you do here and keep up the great work guys ! 

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