Chods Saved My EFT Career

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So i am a day 1 tarkov player but i had been getting tired of some guys always somehow getting the upper hand on me even though I had prepared or done something to prevent it in terms of taking good gear or raid prepping either way some how these guys would 1 shot me it got to the point i didn't want to even take an akm in to raids. Until i found chods to be honest i dont even use the aim bot but the unlimited stamina and fast sprint help as i am a very impatient person as well as the player ESP because you always get those guys that like to camp the kill angles but honestly thanks to chod im back in to raiding and cant wait to continue to use the system. Also a great perk is they warn me if everything is safe to use or not before i even activate it so that alone does wonders cant wait to hear from you guys for when its safe to use again.

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Thanks a lot for your review buddy!
This is the first time since November that we take warning precaution to prevent any possible problems to our customers.
We will post an update as soon as possible here on the forum. 
Missing days will be added back to all of your subs :) 
Glade you are a new member of our great community! 

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2 hours ago, cyrex_21 said:

lmao is this a troll?Where are the damn commas and full stops

Kinda, was in a hurry so i wasn't really concerned about grammar lol. But i also like to cause triggers because people freak out over the littlest detail when it is not necessary. Also where is your space after the ? Edited by Grimm Da Reaper
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