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So good it hurts.


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So its been about 3 or 4 days and i'm truly amazed at how good this is. I've had so much fun running around like a madman with this.

DESIGN - 9/10 - Nice big buttons, easy to navigate. Only drops a point as it starts with absolutely everything turned on so i have to go through and turn a bunch off before i can get going.
EASE OF USE - 9/10 - Really easy to navigate, but some of the options are a little confusing to a new person to all this, and lots of testing is needed before you figure out what each thing does
AIMBOT - */* (TBA) I've only put this on a couple of times to test, but it seems a little off. will give it a better test in the next few days and give it a rating.

Onto now why its so good it hurts. With the ESP on, i can find everyone to my hearts content and try and find legit ways to approach the so that i can get a glimpse or hearthem to legitimise why i took the shot when i did. The issue im having is that im getting very tunnel visioned. So much so ive had a couple of runs where im trying to get out with great loot but get killed by someone who ive missed because i was so focussed on the loot...

Stll thats my problem and not the Cheats. All in all am ecstatic with the purchase


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