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Dr. Snif

CS:GO Testimonial after 4 years

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First of all;
This testimonial is way overdue. I'm usually not the type of guy that writes reviews, but I figured after using a product on and off for 4 years with such satisfaction deserves a review. 
I've been in the cheating game since early 2003. In the last 15 years (fuck me I'm getting old) I've used a vast majority of the publicly available cheats as well as private ones for all sorts of different games. 

With regard to CS:GO, there has not been a publicly available cheat that satisfied my "needs" as much as Chods-Cheats. 

Now the boring part is over, we'll move on to the actual testimonial where I'll elaborate on these statements. 

The GUI is very clean and easy to navigate through. It is also possible to fully customise the colors of the menu to ones liking. 

Aimbot is the most important feature for me in CS:GO and Chods simply killed it. Every single feature for every weapon is fully customisable. This might scare off some people, because one would think this difficult or very time consuming to do for every weapon. However, Chods probably thought of this and added features to speed up the customisation process.

The weaponfeatures can be customised on 3 different levels; Global, Weapon type and weapon specific. This provides freedom to the user, since the aimbot can be configured within a few minutes on global level or weapon type, or it can take many hours to fully customise every weaponconfig individually. Also, the cheat allows users to use, edit or share configs submitted by others with just a few mouseclicks (no download or file editing required). This is a great feature for people to try out or use other people's settings as a basis. 

Whether one wants to play "legit" in matchmaking, while streaming and on small lans, or dominate the public servers with HvH settings, it is all possible with this cheat. 
Personally in CS:GO I like to play "legit" and solely rely on a small aim assist. There are great features such as; psilent, multi hitbox targetting, RCS, smoothing and humanising aim that will give you the edge while looking completely legit. (It looks so legit I often have to check whether or not I actually have the settings activated.) 

Therefore, I rate the Aimbot a 9/10. 

The triggerbot is just AMAIZING and just as customisable as the aimbot with 3 different levels of weaponconfigs. Furthermore, it has features such as overburst and hitchance calculation. Overburst is a great feature to make certain guns look legit and prevent random 1 tap impossible headshots, which are usually clear give aways of a cheater. The hitchance calculation is probably the best function for triggerbot if one wants to appear legit.

I've had so many games where guys with AWP or deagle never miss a shot and it's just plain obvious. Even pro players miss shots regularly, so by setting a hitchance one feels much more confident to use the triggerbot consistently without conscious thoughts regarding: Oh i've just hit 15 out of 15 shots, I better miss a couple of shots. For me, this is the only triggerbot I use without the fear of looking obvious.

Therefore, I rate the Triggerbot a 10/10. 

I'm personally not much of a visual user, since I find it more difficult to appear legit when I'm not using my own reactions. However, from what I've seen and tested there are so many options to customise visuals, one could spend a full day customising it. A cool feature in the menu is that you can see a preview of the enemy near the settings, which makes customising really easy. Also, there is a Streamproof version of the cheat, which allows one to use visuals while streaming. Since there are so many visual features, I guess it would be easier to state which functions the visuals don't have, but I couldn't think of anything usefull. 
Therefore, I rate the Visuals a 10/10. 

Skin Changer
Last but not least the cheat has a skin changer. I find this a top-notch feature because I was quite into the skins game. Before this feature was added I had spent so many time buying, selling and changing my skins it drove me a bit crazy. With the addition of this feature there is no need for any skins anymore since it is possible to have any skin that one desires. One can change the skins itself, gloves, names and stattrack numbers to its liking. You like a dragon lore AWP? Oh let me just save a couple of thousand and change it within a few mouseclicks. Simply perfect!
Therefore, I rate the Skin Changer a 10/10.   
Overall I can state that I'm a very happy customer and have been so for the last 4 years. The cheat is very easy to set-up and use, it has and an endless amount of features for customising, the staff is nice and I feel the security of the cheat is good. Over the last 4 years I only got 3 smurf accounts banned and my main is still going strong. This is partially luck with avoiding the massive banwaves, but mostly due to Chods' coding skills. 

I would like to thank Chods and his staff for making this possible and I hope this testimonial helps some doubters cross the line and purchase VIP status. 

Have a nice day!

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Now that's what a very detailed looks like!
Amazing work buddy, I'm sure you will help out a lot of customers. Glade to have you here :)

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Thanks for the well written review. We appreciate the kind review and the loyalty you have been with us :)


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2 hours ago, Stev said:

Just bought the csgo cheat.

wonderful review thanks for that :)

Glad to hear that and welcome buddy! I'm sure you will enjoy it! :D
If you have any questions, you can hit me up.

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