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I was sceptical with the hack at first. Either that it will not be working properly, crash OS or something else. But no, it's great. It works flawlessly.

Aimbot ?/10 --- Haven't got a chance to use it yet. I like "legit" hacking in games (unless it's CSGO), so aimbot would kinda destroy it and I know there are settings that can make it look legit but that's not my cup of tea.

Visuals 9/10 --- They work how expected and advertised, the only I thing I would change is scav detection. It show scavs as "BOT" even tho player controlls them..

Misc features --- Great fun to use, but they aren't really legit. Useful for raging tho.

Now I just hope that won't get banned, but hey, I know the risks and it was my decision. I am also scared that more and more people make "hacking videos" so the hack is getting more and more attention, which could bring DEVs into the game..

Thanks Chod and his gang for making this beast.

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