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Battalion 1944 Review

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I tested all features, so here is my review (:

|ESP| 8/10
Players: Lots of features, im glad there is checkbox for boxes because i always play without them. I use Skeleton, Distance and Health Bar because i want to keep it as clean as possible. I noticed that there is no checkbox for weapons, so i had to turn it off manually via console which is fine too.
Items: Item Esp shows Grenades and Smokes which is a nice little bonus (:
It would be perfect if i could save a config, because i always have the Esp on green if the enemys are visible. But i understand that we cant do that to stay safe.

|Aimbot| 10/10
Not much to say, it has enough features and everything works perfect for me. Humanize aim is also very smooth and unlimmited ammo works too.

|Misc| 10/10
Namechanger: Well it does its job, it just changes the name of yourself to a blank name or to a name of another player in the server every few seconds. Its perfect to hide if you use the really overpowered "throw grenades at enemys" feature :D
Throw grenades at enemys: i dont know what to say. Gamebreaking..

in total i give it 9/10 Points

To give you a little example of how throw grenades at enemys works:


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