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Escape With CHEATS review


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Design/Usability: 9/10
Smooth, simple and easy to use, very UI friendly.

Features: 9/10
pretty much any feature that existed in early 2018 is in this cheat, not everything working like TP to exit/player but you got there all what you need to get an advantage over the other players
which is awesome!.

Aimbot: 6/10

Personally i prefer no using it at the moment cause they have ballistic bullet drop in the game so it's not 100% sure to use on a running player but standing player it's cool.

Visuals: 10/10
The ESP is awesome you can tell between BOT and a PLAYER, get the exit marks and all the loot around, and the most special thing is you can look inside a loot box/case before you even open it.

Security: 8/10

2nd month for me without getting detected which is cool for now.
will keep update though!

Price: 9/10 -  15.00 GBP for a month/ 30 for 3 months!
Cheap not too pricey which is an excellent price for every customer.

Support 9.9/10
The support is great. You can ask them anything in the forums.

If you are looking for a hack that's cheap, unique and AWESOME This is for you.

Recommended 10/10

  Edited by Torak
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23 minutes ago, Torpedo said:

Thanks for the review mate (:

Its his review, not yours. He can give points like he wants to.
Criticism, deal with it. I was also pointing out something that wasn't 100% true. I don't see any rules saying commenting on reviews is not allowed.
Of course he can, I NEVER said otherwise.. You assumed ... Stop assuming.

Changed it to a question, happy now? Edited by nordude
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