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Most definitly the best cheat available currently.

If you are unsure about this cheat, I have tryed and tested to get banned (playing stupidly obvious) and yet im still using it withouth any flaws.
After trying the other available cheats with different suppliers I have noticed that they lack the kind of things the average player wants. they seem to over complicate things to not get you noticed or banned and it just does not feel like you are having fun using them, it feels more like work and a whole lot of not needed effort to enjoy the cheat. 

With Chods Cheats you not only get the functions that you want but you get the community that comes with it, The site is easy to use and the information provided for any purchase/cheat is available in full where as in other cheat supply sites its very all over the place. There is no sence of chaos only fun and enjoyment, I found that its more involved around the customer than the money. The work is left to the developers and the fun to the customer.  

I have also found that I dont feel lied to, with many sites claiming to be undetected that is not always the case. Here however if somethng is detected then it is removed and unavailable to use untill it is safe to use again. This makes me feel like I can trust the work that is put into the product, makes me feel that not only is my money going into a safe reliable place but its not forgotten about very quickly. 

In a nutshell, This is the place to be to get the best cheats at an affordable rate and get good after sale support whenever you need it, You might make afriend or two while you are at it.  

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