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Escape From Torkov Testimonial


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Ok so after playing with this for about a week I wanted to give my testimony on this hack. I'm so satisfied that it is unreal.


Aimbot: This aimbot is just amazing, you wont find it like this any where else. It has it moments when you shoot but you don't have to worry about much. 


ESP: This works like no other ESP, you have to mess with the settings to get it to your liking. Love when you can tell whats a bot and a real player. Also items that a player has on them. 


Injection: If you don't know how to read then we can't help you there, its a 10 sec process and you can't mess it up. Love the fact it downloads a new client and switches names. Most likely due to the security.


Config: You have every option when you login to you VIP Panel and select your game. You can also follow other people on forums and if they uploaded a config file you can use theirs. Some things in the panel I don't use. But you can setup whatever you like.


Price: You can't go wrong with the price.( Paid mine in DGB since I own a mining farm) Other sites scam you and then you get banned.  For all the functions this hack has, the price is very low. 


Updates: There are constant updates and changes made to the hack,(Thanks Chod) if there is an issue you post and he looks into the problem. You can make suggestions that will help out the community in the best way.


So my final comment is this, if you  don't join the CHOD family and purchase this amazing hack then what's the point of reading this review. Get the cheat be active with the community and have fun making kids cry. 

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