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Hey Community,

this is my way to say thank you for the dev's of the cheat. A short but specific review.

First of all; the cheat is awesome. Works perfect and got no ban. At least i play since 01/01/2018 with the cheat. 


-The boxes are clear to see. No problems, laggs or deformity of the boxes. 
- Player ESP works clearly perfect. U see the enemy's and the direction the look at if you use "Skeleton".
- Item ESP, with the new update, now works really good. You see the loot inside cases, bodies when you just look at it.
  So you know if something good or usefull is in it. 


First, i don't often use it, but i used it for this review.
Plus, u can choose where the aimbot should aim at. If Head, Neck, Stormach or Legs.
You can choose which Field of View it have and the speed from player to player. works perfect.
Contra, i missed a configurable button for the aim if i don't be blind.

No-Recoil, No-Breath and No-Sway are the things i used the most. You got every person at every range. Works with no doubt.
BUT i have the feeling "Instakill" or now "Super Bullet" don't work. It only works in offline games in my cases. Anyone too?
Should be fixed, would be very nice.


The most time i only use "Unlimited Stamina" or if i play solo "Speedhack". Both works perfect.
No-Clip/ Fly mode works, but at least still buggy. Sometimes you got teleported back where you start to use it. 
I dunno if this is normal. But for me no problem. 
-Skyhack works, i dunno if other people can see it, but for me it works. 
-LSD Mode. I dunno what it do, in my game nothing change, haha
-Night Vision is awesome. Such a better look at night as with NVG. 
-Fast Sprint i also don't see any changes, or i don't get it how to use, haha.

*NOTE*  Maybe you should change the distance between the Loot if you use "Loot to me". Most scavs or dead bodies can't get searched.

That's it. I will make a new review, when i got behind every note. Hope it help a lot of you to make your choice to buy it. I can definitely recommend it. 

Thank you for reading and your welcome. Thanks to Chod's-Cheats. Cheers.
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4 minutes ago, nordude said:

First of all, not saying this is the case.. BUT! How does one know users are not paid to make these reviews?

Because Chod does good work and good work results in positive reviews on his cheats. And this site is well known in the cheater scene even at other providers.
Anyway you can never know if someone is paid because theres no way to prove it.
If you ask questions like this, you may just shouldnt buy something and you are fine ^_^
if thats prove enough for you: i wrote 2 reviews too and nobody paid me.

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  • Administrator
4 hours ago, llorddroll said:

How to prove that i'm not paid? Play with me together and i show you that this works fine, haha

And btw, how Torpedo say.

I have never ever paid anybody to make a review. Everything you read here is just honest reviews from happy customers. As I'm so confident about the quality of our EFT hack, I will give you a few days sub for free so you can see for yourself?
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I would give your cheat away for free. I bought this cheat about 3 days ago and everything about it is perfect. Only thing is can’t loot boxes when you spawn loot too you and no clip only works if nothing is in your way. But who cares esp,no sway,no recoil,and no breath is all you really need and super bullet works but not insta kill. Def does more damage to Pmc tho and some guns shoot shotgun shells like the dvl is a shorty snip with it on lol 

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