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EFT suggestions and possible fixes


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Using this cheat is so good but it has some flaws I dont really know how to develop a cheat but I have some suggestions to offer that can help us users. First off, Using the esp it better to have a list which we can select what type of things we want the esp to show for example rather than having the loot esp show all the loot in the city it better to show what the user want lets say guns or meds or money stuff like that Also using the cheat I found out that the friend list which u add people in to it has some bugs where it doesnt refresh the player list ( dont know if its updated ). Also, when teleporting the loot its better to select which items u want to teleport such as, guns, ammo, meds or all. Overall i think the cheat is good and easy to use but has some slight things that I personally think it will improve the cheat a lot

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