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A few worries, help.


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Hey guys, I want to use some cheats on this game, but I don't want to use player location, aimbot or any of that stuff, as I love a proper fair gunfight and a challenge.

But I would like help with loot and scavs to help with quests.

This whole banning thing although at first glance looks good that most you guys are not banned, but in actual fact worrying at the same time as a beta game, and I shall tell you why.
The devs are finding hackers, but not banning them, instead monitoring them over quite a long period so that they can apprently get as much info as possible to make anti measures against it, and once they have then a big widespread wave of bans will come down on 1 complete hack at once, like 2 "unnamed" hacking sites who both got banned users, except they were all banned at once from 1 cheat site, then on the ohter cheat site different date and time they were all banned in 1 go, and both sites had users reporting a good 1-2 months of use before the ban. So the fact so many of you guys remained unbanned leaves me to worry you guys are on the monitering stage, since CHODS cheats look like some of the best, the devs probably are taking the longest getting preventive measures againsts CHODS cheats. I shall post a quote screenshot of what I am talking about. This quote is directly from the Devs on their main site.



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 The way i look at it is if you can accept the fact that you may have to buy another copy of the game then go for it. If that's just not an option for you then maybe hacks aren't the way to go. I've been using it for a week or 2 now and love it. But im also willing to buy the game again if caught. Hope that helps. 

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