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I have used many cheating software but nothing compares to Chod's.

The ESP's are on point and never let you down
Aimbot sticks to a target like flies on S@!t
Flying doesn't work atm but i know they are working on it.
It is 1000x times easier to lvl up your traders with the loot to me command

Easy to use
The cheats are easy and simple to use. Download the software from the members panel, Put said software on a usb drive (try not to use a sandisk as sometimes they don't show up as a removable devise) and then launch and inject. they have a delay after launch so don't get scared if you think they aren't working.

There are tons of features with more on the way.
ESP,Loot ESP, Instakill, Aimbot, Unlimited ammo(bugged atm), Nightvision, LSD vision with intensity bar, Unlimited stamina/NoBreath,And changing the colors of almost anything you want with shareable configs.

This is where you want to find out if its worth it well for 12.99GBP/19USD it is very reasonable with what you get in return 


  • The cheats have not been detected since day one
  • Constantly being updated
  • Most of the features work
  • The customer support is amazing
  • There is a forum with all the information you may ever need with moderators that listen and answer.
  • There are some features that are advertised that do not work
  • There are risks cheating (My opinion is that it is worth the risk) but use your own discretion.
  • Be prepared for the cheats to go down for a little after an update. 

In all my experience These are by far the best cheats you can find that are reliable and undetectable for EFT. 
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14 minutes ago, SURPRISEDGAMER said:

whats the status of cheats after this recent update ? 
Also keep up the good work

right now instakill, unlimited ammo aren't working. and the loot esp is not working as intended but it still shows loot locations just not actual item names. they just say loot. Other than that its all good
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