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BF1 Review (GO BUY IT!)

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I have had this game since launch and it had gotten rather stale for me.

The game is made for campers with snipers but Chod has gone and done it again and given the 'average joe' a reason to play this game again by allowing us to simply get behind these snipers and blast them into kingdom come!

I love the ease of the system and it is very easy to rack up kills, almost to the point that you have to stop yourself getting carried away. The ESP is great, the aimbot is fast and responsive and the spectator system that warns you if people are getting close to catching you works like a charm.

There are multiple options to suit any play style and it injects and works very quickly.

I now play a lot more of this game thanks to Chod and his awesome cheats, thanks again for yet another great addition.

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