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Need some buying confidence


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After doing a ridiculous amount of research I've come to the conclusion that Chods seems to be the best out there for EFT and I am on the verge of buying, just have a few questions first.
How long have y'all (yes I'm from Texas) been using this cheat without ban? 
 - I've used many cheats before and know how to not be obvious.
 - I really just want the ESP so I can still maintain some challenge.
 - I am only hesitant because I have the EOD edition which is by no means cheap.
If there is a detection how quickly is it found and posted?
 - I play quite a lot and will check the forum before playing each time just to be sure.

Please don't respond telling me there's always a risk because I know, I'm just looking for some real info to see just how careful I need to be.

Thanks in advance for advice/info

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Chod's has never been detected in Escape from Tarkov but the day might come some day. This being said I don't play on my 150$ version of the game.
I've been using the cheat for almost two weeks, went super blatently with speedhack, aimbot and instantkill. The only thing that could get you banned is a manual ban from the devs but thats not very likely if you only play with ESP and won't play obvious as you said.

Just buy it (if you haven't already).

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I've used the hack for almost 2 months. 
I have done everything from as legit as possible to super blant to sprinting around owning the battlefield! 
I've never been banned using Chod's and i haven't loaded the game without the cheat since December! 

If there is a possible detection we will be warned and the staff is doing a great work on security until now! 

I was super afraid of getting banned the first weeks of using it but now i feel just as safe as is it was normal to see skeletons true walls! B|

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46 minutes ago, devour said:

feel just as safe as is it was normal to see skeletons true walls!

I like your sentence. When the cheat replace the normal game ^^ 

i feel the same when i play with cheat on a game since a long time. You cannot play without after.  Edited by Pml-sama
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30 minutes ago, K3kz3 said:

Ok, so were there any bans before? 
And, if i Play only esp is it safe to use? 

The other question is, if i Would Stream on OBS, will Obs record the esp or is it invisible for Obs? 

There have been no detections of the EFT cheat. It is not stream proof. Edited by JustinCredible
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